Monday, November 06, 2006

Old machine gone, new Macbook arrives

It's hard to describe how frustrated I felt when my PC completely crashed last Wednesday. I think the PC just went nuts and became jealous because it learned about me getting a new mac laptop.

Computer crushes such as these are a nice opportunity to fire up the old BeOS partitions I have installed, or boot into the QNX live cd. They're always a joy because they boot in virtually no time and let me do stuff I need quickly.

Another crash time surprise was an old AMD K6-2 I had lying around in my room for the last 3 years or so. Since I wasn't sure what's going on with my PC, I had to remove every bit of hardware and use my old k6-2 in the meantime. It's always surprising to see a machine that I ditched for being too slow suddenly run winxp and Illustrator fairly well.

Legacy / rarely used systems can be very useful at times. It's a shame that I only boot into BeOS to save my files from various disasters, but I'm having a blast each time I do it.

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